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How to Source High Quality Local Food

This free webinar covers anything and everything I utilize to find the highest quality local food based on my experience as an organic grass fed poultry, beef, dairy, and produce farmer, as well as a grocery store butcher. I teach you how to talk to and understand farmers and their practices, as well as common grocery store practices, so you can make informed choices about who to support and what to put in your body. 


This two part series on stress mainly focuses on the principles of stress, the most important of which is that all stress summates in the body, it doesn't matter what the source, it requires energy to react to and recover from any stressor. The first part is to acquaint the listener with a better understanding of the main categories and sources of stress to make up their own techniques for managing it. The second part of the series covers some techniques that can be used for some of the various sources of stress in our lives today, in order to better manage and prevent getting stressed out. If you don't care to understand and you just want some free tips skip to part 2, however it's helpful to understand WHY we use certain techniques.



Charlottesville Virginia


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