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How can I help?

I tailor my packages to help my clients meet their personal health goals resolving holistically:
  • Chronic Back, knee and hip pain
  • Low energy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Fertility Issues
It all starts with a holistic health assessment which leaves no stone unturned, with all work designed to get your best results as quickly as possible.

holistic Health coaching packages:

Pain elimination

2-3 hours in session per week

Long-Lasting Relief in as little as a single combo bodywork/exercise session

Learn the tools to correct your compensation patterns on your own

Use simple exercises to build the body of your dreams to provide you life long independence and freedom from pain.


No equipment or gym membership necessary.

Mental Liberation

1-2 hours in session per week

Unlock the calm and peace of mind you deserve

Discover freedom from overwhelm and the focus to achieve your dreams

Master your breath to CHOOSE your level of stimulation and agitation for what your situation calls for.

Includes bodywork to down regulate, followed by the coaching to keep you in that state of ease.

Hormone harmonization

1-2 hours in session per week

Understand your body, your needs and how to create balance to regulate your hormones

Harmonize your hormones for your physical/mental stability as well as the health of your future children

Simple dietary changes for big impacts on nutritional status

No drugs or exogenous hormones necessary.

Single Session bodywork

Customized to address your specific goals and needs.

May include: Be Activated, Craniosacral Fascial Therapy, Vagus Nerve work

Includes techniques to take home and continue experiencing benefit

90 mins

Getting started

Introductory session with No Commitment

Full Evaluation (questions and physical assessments) + session of Be Activated

2 hours reviewing the Evaluation to understand your body, what's going on, and beginning to feel better with Activations

Mind/body Intensive

Customized bodywork to address your specific goals and needs FAST

10 weeks of work condensed down to 1-2 weeks

Sessions in your home lasting up to 2.5 hours activating and integrating your entire system to unlock profound change

*Only recommended for healthy individuals*

Serving Clients in Central Virginia including these cities:

Crozet, Charlottesville, Afton, Waynesboro, Staunton, Lyndhurst, Fishersville and the surrounding areas!

Not Local to these areas? Ask me about online services!


I look forward to our meeting!

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