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About Me

My journey to health has been a lifelong search for answers that no one could seem to provide me. I started finding the answers doctors couldn't, finally, at the age of 23, 50lbs overweight, struggling with brain fog, fatigue and low energy, addiction (though I didn't realize it then), and in CONSTANT back pain, often waking up in the middle of the night with muscle spasms sending me to 10/10 pain. It's been through learning about my 1 Love, 2 Forces, 3 Choices, 4 Doctors and 6 Foundation Principles that I've been able to totally remediate my back pain, lose the excess weight, improve brain function and finally find happiness in pursuit of greater health and freedom and helping others do the same.  As an expecting father my dream has expanded to work with planning, expecting and new parents in the creation of healthy bodies and lifestyles for Mom, Dad and Baby.

How did I get there? At age 7 I left my doctors office with my mother in tears. I was in the lowest 10% for height and weight for boys my age, smaller by far than my younger sister. The doctor and my mother didn't know what to do, I wasn't eating and wasn't growing. The truth was that I was addicted to sugar, my body was unable to tolerate any taste other than sweetness, and as such would gag whenever anything truly nourishing would enter my mouth. I struggled throughout my teenage years with lots of illness, and injury during sports. After a late puberty I attempted to heal myself with body-dismorphia driven bodybuilding and powerlifting, eating and lifting anything and everything in sight. The culmination of this period was when I started using PEDs and ended up herniating two discs in my lower back, as well as one in my mid back, with stupid lifting stunts. I was cooked. Inflamed and hardly able to walk. It took me 18 months to even have a pain free day, and a few more years after that to totally heal my back to where I'm no longer experiencing pain. I've spent the last 3 years enrolled in the CHEK Institute learning and healing more of the mental and emotional issues that landed me in my state of disease. 

I have a deep passion for learning, and I'm consistently found either in my library studying a book or at my computer working on further course material, always expanding my knowledge base for helping myself and others in the creation of health and freedom. I also love listening to music and dancing, finding new ways to move my body, tai chi, jiu jitsu, hiking, farming and gardening, deep conversation and espresso.

Where do you come in? I truly believe that the CHEK system as well as all of the other wisdom I'm acquiring from masterful mentors allows me to guide anybody, regardless of diagnosis, to the creation of health, freedom and independence. Currently I'm a Chek Practitioner 1, Holistic Lifestyle Coach 2, and I've been trained in vagus nerve, lymphatic and glymphatic mojo by Dr Perry Nickelston, as well as Craniosacral Fascial Therapy by the Gillespie Approach.

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